We provide several types of Strelitzia. The difference can be found in the length of the spathe namely  23, 20 or 17cm.  All our flowers are of A1 quality.

The flowers are selected in the greenhouse by the length of the combs. After harvesting, the flowers will go through a second inspection to make sure that our clients will only get the best quality. The Strelitzia can be delivered in boxes with 6, 8 or 12 flowers. Our products are sold by the use of Flora Holland .

Our Strelitzia reginae is grown  in ordinary soil. By creating optimal conditions around the Strelitzia plant we get plants that are more resisted to pests and diseases. To prevent our plants from being infected  by certain plaques we make use of gall midges (Lat. Cecidomyiiidae), mites (Lat. Acarina) and parasite wasps (Lat. Ichneumonidae). These are natural enemies for the devastating micro-organisms. The weeds between the plants are eaten by poultry and we have fresh eggs every day!