Our company is called R. van Winden V.O.F. After growing cucumbers for several years we have changed our agriculture trade into growing flowers in the year 2001. Since then we are growing the Strelitzia reginae. The Strelitzia reginae is also called bird of paradise. Our company has a production area of 5.66 acres divided in two locations. Our location in Pijnacker is about 3.44 acres, and in Heerhugowaard we have got another 2.22 acres. At these two locations we are able to produce this beautiful flower from april to july.  We try to grow our flowers with great care in an ecological, sustainable and traditional way. To supply our clients with first quality flowers is one of our targets!

We are participant in the MPS project. MPS offers products and services which relate to the environment, quality assurance and social aspects, at a national and international level. This allows agricultural companies to profile themselves as socially responsible companies to their customers, the government and society. On the MPS-A scale, the R. van Winden V.O.F. company, has a result of 100 points, being the highest achievable score.

Strelitzia reginae

The Strelitzia reginae was originally found at the Canary Islands, Hawaii en South Africa. There are several varieties of this plant with the Strelitzia reginae being the most famous type. The plant keeps its green colour throughout the year and is related to the banana plant. The plant has a gracious flower with stalks of orange and purplish-blue, resembling a bird. The flower is easily kept in a vase as it only requires clean water without any supplements.